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Metal Finishes

Silver Tones

Polished Silver is polished and then given a jeweler's buff. The result is a mirror-like finish that is the standard by which others are measured in the industry. Satin Pewter is a soft, smooth, matte finish while the Brushed Stainless and Brushed Nickel are polished with a coarse grit to give texture and dimension.

Iron Tones

Iron is a black nickel plated finish, highlighted to give the effect of natural iron, and finished with a flat matte lacquer. Charcoal is a very dark oxidized brass that is nearly black. It is also flattened but does not lose its metallic feel or appearance.

Brass Tones

Polished Brass is polished and buffed by hand to yield a mirror-like finish. French Brass is black-nickel plated, then rubbed away, leaving highlights in crevices and filigrees. The result is a product that is lightly antiqued brass with dark accents. Antique Brass is oxidized and highlighted leaving a darkened brass which is then given a protective gloss lacquer coat. Harvest Bronze is a lightly oxidized brass that is lightly burnished, flattened, and hand-rubbed leaving a metallic glow.

Bronze Tones

Mahogany Bronze is the deepest of these finishes and, in certain reflections, will reflect hints of purple and red. Siena Bronze is oxidized copper that is highlighted to draw out the light copper tones.

Raw Copper

Raw Copper has been washed in an acid bath so to initiate the natural oxidation process. Because it is not lacquered this finish will mature with age and emanate soft rust tones.